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We know that you are in the dark when it comes to analyzing the productivity of your employees. With that in mind we created Metering, a tool used to manage more than 1 million devices, to which you get to know what your employees are doing on their devices during office hours, including at home office.

Find out what happens
at work

With Metering you have access to accurate reports and graphics with the percentage of use and time for each program and website accessed on the device. It is possible to view the exact time that the employee started and ended his work at the stations, including his absence and idle time on the device.
You can also identify, by period, the cost and financial loss of the employee or group to which he belongs, based on prior information on his hourly rate according to the productivity parameters you will set. It has never been easier to know whether your work environment is being productive and generating returns for your company.

Helps your business maximize productivity

Know the exact time your employee spends on social networks, playing games, or on things other than work

Find out how long the programs are in use, in order to reduce costs with software licensing

Monitor activities second-by-second in real time in a completely unnoticeable way

It is possible to map out the productivity by time of day, analyze productivity and unproductivity rankings, websites, programs, most accessed documents… everything by user, device or group.

Provides evidence for strategic decision-making

Each employee or group has a work profile in which what is productive or unproductive is defined. The employee can interact with the system requesting that new programs or sites are placed as productive.

Know who requested prints, who participated in meetings by video or audio, what is the real use of office or any suite of applications

Extracts reports containing date and time of login/logout made by the user

Know what, who, where and when a certain action was performed in the technological environment. All this with a viable and imperceptible technology that has been perfected and optimized for 20 years.

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