Security Policies

Fulfillment of complete security policies in a definitive and easy way in your environment

Ensure compliance
with safety rules

Through Security, it is possible to design and ensure the application and compliance of a complete security policy consisting of rules that will define how, when and what types of resources each employee is authorized to use.
You can block access to hardware, software, web pages and applications, and restrict access to folders and files. Users who persist will have their actions mapped and displayed in security reports.
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Greater integrity and reliability in the technological environment

Prevents users from violating rules stated in the security policy

Prevents resources from being used after hours if necessary

Reduces the possibility of fraud

Allows you to create an alert about certain actions

Allows you to block access to software, hardware, websites, folders and files

Watch users who are trying to circumvent network security policies

All features work even on devices outside the corporate network

Definition of access times and registration of reasons for leaving during working hours

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