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Every inventory control starts by mapping out and knowing precisely what is on your network. Do you know how many devices you have on your network? If so, are they where should they be? Have they been tampered with? Is your software licensing legitimate and up to date? To meet this reality we created Inventory, a tool that allows you to map, control and audit your entire technology park in real time.

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A major difficulty in IT management is keeping all software licenses up to date according to the company's needs. Ensuring that employees do not install software for which your company does not have a license is an even more complex task.
Inventory makes this much easier and keeps your network running within the law. Through reports, the tool allows you to identify which software to invest in and how many licenses to acquire, being able to relocate them if they are not being used.
You can view the inventory by region, group, department, export your data for integration with other systems and everything can be done intuitively with just a few clicks. You can easily research where certain software is installed, its version, and make strategic decisions aimed at reducing your licensing cost.
One feature worth highlighting is “compliance”. In it you create the rules of how your network must behave in order to be in compliance, such as versions of Windows homologated with your compatible hardware, genuine licenses, level of obsolescence, whether or not you should have antivirus installed and updated, firewall, Windows updated without critical vulnerabilities, among countless other characteristics. Once defined, you let our artificial intelligence take care of your network and send you summaries with suggestions of what should be changed or manually checked.
As if that were not enough, every device is geographically mapped and monitored, regardless of having GPS, you now have access to their locations as well as being able to explore your entire network, analyzing the speed of the links, interrelationships between branches, where each device is located, all of it in a simple and intuitive interface.
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Eliminates unnecessary spending on software and hardware purchases

Manage software licenses and inventory application serial numbers

Drastic reduction of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Inventory files with their heritage data such as compilers and libraries used for its generation, analyzing vulnerabilities of legacy systems

Have your inventory always ready and up-to-date at your disposal

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