Analyzing device performance

Do you know if the devices used for work are suitable for the needs of your employees? What if you had a tool that analyzed usage and indicated changes aimed at maximizing the cost-effectiveness of your infrastructure and improving your employees' working conditions?

An artificial intelligence that monitors 24/7

To answer these questions, Performance, our artificial intelligence, continues to monitor all devices, giving you a view of the status of each device for each employee's use.
The system indicates whether the machine is beyond or below the employee’s needs, suggesting changes, ranging from adding more memory, changing the HDD disk to an SSD, as well as relocating devices that are underused by another employee.
By using Performance, it is possible to know when investments in IT are necessary and when it is possible to optimize existing resources.
With the performance comparison charts, it is possible to see where in the network the installed resources are not being needed.
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Resource optimization

Increased productivity

With more suitable devices, employees tend to be more productive in their tasks.

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