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With Metering you have access to accurate reports and graphics with the percentage of use and time for each program and website accessed on the device. It is possible to view the exact time that the employee started and ended his work at the stations, including his absence and idle time on the device.
You can also identify, by period, the cost and financial loss of the employee or group to which he belongs, based on prior information on his hourly rate according to the productivity parameters you will set. It has never been easier to know whether your work environment is being productive and generating returns for your company.

Get visibility into
your technology environment

A major difficulty in IT management is keeping all software licenses up to date according to the company's needs. Ensuring that employees do not install software for which your company does not have a license is an even more complex task.
Inventory makes this much easier and keeps your network running within the law. Through reports, the tool allows you to identify which software to invest in and how many licenses to acquire, being able to relocate them if they are not being used.
You can view the inventory by region, group, department, export your data for integration with other systems and everything can be done intuitively with just a few clicks. You can easily research where certain software is installed, its version, and make strategic decisions aimed at reducing your licensing cost.
One feature worth highlighting is “compliance”. In it you create the rules of how your network must behave in order to be in compliance, such as versions of Windows homologated with your compatible hardware, genuine licenses, level of obsolescence, whether or not you should have antivirus installed and updated, firewall, Windows updated without critical vulnerabilities, among countless other characteristics. Once defined, you let our artificial intelligence take care of your network and send you summaries with suggestions of what should be changed or manually checked.

How many times have you needed to go back in time to investigate or prove that a certain situation happened?

Or having access to any activity in the cloud?
Google Drive
One Drive
Do you need to search for something typed by a employee, or even access everything typed by someone on a certain date? Do you need to know all the websites accessed, the browsers used, which period, which user or device? A particular file has gone missing from the network, do you need to investigate how, when, by whom and why?
We gather 20 years of experience and all of our most immersive investigation technology into Forensics, we consider nothing less than allowing you to go back in time, enabling you to analyze every detail of what happened in your company's network, second-by-second, all activity visual of what happened on the devices.

Ensure compliance
with safety rules

Through Security, it is possible to design and ensure the application and compliance of a complete security policy consisting of rules that will define how, when and what types of resources each employee is authorized to use.
You can block access to hardware, software, web pages and applications, and restrict access to folders and files. Users who persist will have their actions mapped and displayed in security reports.

An artificial intelligence that monitors 24/7

The system indicates whether the machine is beyond or below the employee’s needs, suggesting changes, ranging from adding more memory, changing the HDD disk to an SSD, as well as relocating devices that are underused by another employee.
By using Performance, it is possible to know when investments in IT are necessary and when it is possible to optimize existing resources.
With the performance comparison charts, it is possible to see where in the network the installed resources are not being needed.