Digital investigation

Have you considered your company's adherence to the new general data protection regulation (GDPR)?

How many times have you needed to go back in time to investigate or prove that a certain situation happened?

Or having access to any activity in the cloud?
Google Drive
One Drive
Do you need to search for something typed by a employee, or even access everything typed by someone on a certain date? Do you need to know all the websites accessed, the browsers used, which period, which user or device? A particular file has gone missing from the network, do you need to investigate how, when, by whom and why?
We gather 20 years of experience and all of our most immersive investigation technology into Forensics, we consider nothing less than allowing you to go back in time, enabling you to analyze every detail of what happened in your company's network, second-by-second, all activity visual of what happened on the devices.
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Track suspicious actions in your technology environment

Reduce losses due to deviations and/or exclusion of strategic information

Monitoring can be triggered from actions performed by the user

Issuance of technical reports to assist in the legal field, being able to use evidence in legal proceedings

Works silently, transparently and remotely, storing history in a database

Monitors all device user actions, capturing all features

This is just part of the arsenal of resources that we are offering you to allow your company to have a time machine at its disposal that will allow you to have all the answers to all the questions that your complex IT environment may require, as well as giving you guarantee for adverse situations that the new GDPR may require.

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