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A major difficulty in IT management is to keep all software licenses updated according to the company's needs. Ensuring that employees do not install software for which your company does not have a license is an even more complex task.
Inventory makes this much easier and keeps your network running lawfully. Through reports, the tool allows you to identify which software to invest in and how many licenses to acquire, being able to relocate them where they are not being used.
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Eliminates unnecessary spending on software and hardware purchases

Manage software licenses and inventory app serial numbers

Aligns resources to international ITIL standards

Drastic reduction in TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Inventory files with your inheritance data, such as compilers and libraries used for their generation

Time and stability, real-time hardware and software inventory

Unmatched accuracy and custom forms

Inventory disconnected machines using "vPro" technology

Detailed X-ray, detects all types of hardware on the network

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