Productivity Management

All activities of your team measured in real time, including employees working from home

Find out what happens
during working hours

With Tz0 Metering installed on employees' machines, it is possible to access their activities second by second. Get access to accurate reports and charts with the percentage of use of each computer program, as well as all the websites accessed and time spent on each program or website.
Tz0 Metering has a feature that makes it possible to filter sites and programs by productive, unproductive, neutral and uncategorized.
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Helps your business maximize productivity

Know the exact time your employee spends on social media, playing games, or doing things other than work

Reduces software licensing costs

Provides evidence for strategic decision making

Protects your network from software misuse

Second-by-second real-time monitoring of activities in a completely imperceptible way

Extract reports containing user login/logout date and time

Monitors and controls the use of any software on the network

What, who, where and when was an action carried out in the technological environment

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