Digital investigation

Fully secure environment from malicious actions simply, quickly and effectively

Track suspicious actions
in your technology environment

Tracking technology that can be installed on a computer. From the moment of installation, everything the user does is logged for analysis: keylog, file changes, browsing, usage metering, Office document versioning, Instant Messenger conversations.
This information can be accessed at any time, and reports can be generated from all the data stored so far.
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Reduces losses from deviations and/or exclusion of strategic information

Monitoring can be triggered from actions performed by the user

Assists in the legal field, being able to use evidence in legal proceedings

Works silently and remotely, storing history in database

Monitors all computer user actions, capturing all resources

Provides information that allows the reconstruction of files deleted by the user

Online and offline monitoring of activities carried out

Logs all machine keyboard inputs and monitors conversation history

Records videos and captures the audio in the equipment's microphone

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